Will Your E-Liquid Expire?

10. Do E-Liquids Expire?


You may notice expiry dates listed on some bottles of e-liquid, and – with food expiry dates being often inaccurate – it’s pretty natural to wonder whether expired e-liquid is really anything to worry about. The expiry date for e-liquid isn’t well-established, but following general guidance and trusting your senses helps you determine if a juice is safe to vape.


Key Points


  • There is no consensus on the shelf life of e-liquid, but based on the lifespan of nicotine, PG and VG it’s probably between one and two years. This may differ depending on which flavorings are present, though.
  • If you leave e-liquid for a while, sediment may develop as the denser elements sink through the mix. This is normal, but if it doesn’t mix with the juice again when you shake it, this is a sign your juice may have gone bad.
  • Otherwise, use the same criteria you would for food: if your juice smells or looks odd and you’ve had it for over a year, it’s probably gone bad


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