Safety with E-Liquid and Tank's!

11. E-Liquid and Tank Safety


The wide variety of flavors in e-liquid is one of the best things about vaping, but it can also cause problems with some cheaper tanks and clearomizers. This is because polycarbonate plastic can’t stand up to strong acids or bases, so it’s worth either investing in a new tank or choosing one made from a different material.


Key Points


  • Getting a glass/Pyrex, PETG plastic or metal tank is the best way to remove the risk of e-liquid melting or cracking your tank.
  • Check the master list of affected flavors from the ECF for specifics, but generally speaking, fruity flavors (with high malic or citric acid) and cinnamon-based ones cause problems with polycarbonate tanks.
  • Follow the advice from earlier in the series in the event of an e-liquid spill: wash the affected area immediately, removing and washing clothes if appropriate.


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