Safely Steeping E-Liquids!

9. Steeping E-Liquids Safely


Steeping is the process of agitating e-liquids to mix the ingredients and allowing the harsher elements to evaporate away. In many ways, advice for safe steeping is effectively the same as the advice for the safe storage of e-liquids, but there are some unique concerns too.


Key Points


  • Treat steeping like storage: find a wall-mounted (or lockable) cupboard or cabinet to keep steeping liquid out of reach of children and pets, and keep any storage boxes on a high shelf (especially if you steep with the cap off).
  • PG has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so although biological contamination is very unlikely, if you’re steeping with the cap off, ensure the storage area is clean and free from obvious sources of contamination.
  • Screw the cap on the bottle firmly before shaking e-liquid, and be gentle when squeezing air out of it – you don’t want a nicotine-laced fountain!


         [Steeping safety is] essentially the same as storage. If you steep with an open lid, do so only while you can directly watch over the e-liquid.


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