Safe Vaping While Driving!

5. Vaping and Driving


Vaping while you drive is fine, but – as you should when eating, drinking, changing a radio station, or anything else when you’re driving – it’s important to exercise caution. If your e-cig is charged, loaded with e-liquid and ready to go, it’s safer to vape when driving than smoke. However, if you’re left with any other – more fiddly – tasks to attend to at the wheel, you’re putting yourself, the people in your car and others on the road at undue risk.


Key Points


  • Preparation is essential when you’re vaping and driving. Ensure your battery is charged, everything is connected and you have enough juice in your cartridge or tank to last you throughout your journey. If you do this, you won’t need to do anything dangerous like dripping liquid, changing cartridges or putting batteries on to charge while driving.
  • If you need to do something requiring both hands, only do so when you’re pulled over. If you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for lights to change it isn’t advised, because things might start moving again and leave you in a precarious situation.
  • Dispose of cartridges safely – don’t just toss them out of the window!


I don’t see any real harm in having a vape whilst driving and I will admit to frequently doing that myself. However, if I saw someone trying to refill their tank, rebuild a coil etc whilst driving then I would be inclined to shout some obscenities at them! If you are vaping then at least your eyes are on the road and it’s still possible to have both hands on the steering wheel, but refilling the tank etc would most definitely be a major distraction and should be avoided at all times in my opinion.


Just stay safe and pull over!


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