Part Two: Basic Safety with E-Liquid!

6. Basic E-Liquid Safety


General e-liquid safety is a unique issue because it’s one of the only areas where a lax attitude could cause harm to someone else, not just you. You wouldn’t drink from a bottle of e-liquid (especially if you’ve ever accidently tasted the stuff), but the same can’t be said for children or pets, who can also be killed by much smaller amounts of liquid than an adult. That’s why e-liquid safety is essential, but the issues are analogous to those with the safe storage of things like medicines, alcohol or cleaning products.


Key Points


  • To both prolong the life of your e-liquid and protect children or pets from exposure, it’s best to keep your e-liquid in a cool, dark location, away from sources of fire or heat and ideally protected by a lock. A wall-mounted cabinet (such as a medicine cabinet) or in a locked box on a high shelf are ideal locations.
  • Use child-proof caps as a last line of protection, but don’t rely on them!
  • Take care during refilling of cartomizers, tanks and other atomizers: nicotine is a poison. If you spill any on yourself (or a surface) immediately clean the affected area, remove and wash any clothes and ensure cleaning materials are thoroughly rinsed or disposed of safely.


Much like a gun or booze or draino, don’t keep your liquid out where kids can get it.  I have a 4lb Chihuahua dog that LOVES to chew things.  If she got a hold of some juice it would certainly kill her.  Just be careful honestly.


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