Part Three E-Cig Mod safety and how to Minimize Chance of Explosions!

14. Minimizing the Risk of E-Cig Mod Explosions


Explosions or bottle-rocket like venting with flames events are the scariest things that can happen with your e-cig, and it doesn’t become a serious concern until you step into the world of mods. Mechanical mods are undoubtedly the primary concern, but learning how to minimize the risk of explosions and “thermal runaway” events is essential for mod-loving vapers.


Key Points


  • Thermal runaway is a potential issue for any lithium-based battery, including the ones in laptops and phones. Rising internal heat in the battery causes further heating in a self-perpetuating cycle, leading to venting and – if confined – explosions. However, these events are extremely rare, especially if you spend more for a high-quality battery.
  • Stacking batteries is dangerous – most of the explosions so far have involved mechanical tube mods with stacked batteries.
  • You can reduce your risk by using “safer chemistry” IMR batteries (lithium manganese), using an “intelligent” charger (and following the charging advice from earlier), ensuring that all mechanical tube mods have electronic and physical safety features such as vent holes and protective circuits (which are built into most VV/VW devices) and following the advice given earlier on protecting against short circuits.
  • If your battery gets hot, vents hot, flaming gas or swells up, you should get it away from you as quickly as possible. If it isn’t dangerous, remove the battery from the mod and put it somewhere it can’t do damage to anyone, but if it’s likely to be too hot, just move the entire mod to a suitable location.


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