Mechanical Mod Safety


16. Mechanical Mod Safety


The reason most of the safety advice in this section primarily applies to mechanical mods is that electronically regulated devices like the ProVari and Lavatube have built in protection against things like shorts and monitor your battery level for you. With mechanical mods, the task of staying safe rests on your shoulders, so it’s essential to appreciate the additional risks if you use one.


Key Points


  • Previous advice regarding high-quality batteries and chargers is especially important for mechanical mod users, as is the advice regarding shorts: uRrse the locking mechanism for the fire button whenever you’re carrying your mod.
  • Safety fuses offer additional protection against short circuits and are therefore vital for mechanical mod users.
  • An inverted battery could create serious problems, so make sure you insert it correctly.
  • You need a multimeter to check atomizer resistance regularly if you have a mechanical mod, monitor the battery level (charge when the voltage drops to 3.6 V as a safe guideline) and check for resistance in the unit itself (it should have no resistance aside from the “lead resistance” of the multimeter).


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