Drip Tip Safety


18. Drip Tip Safety


Drip tips are effectively safety devices in their own right, but some vapers have burned their lips from a heat-conductive drip tip. Minimizing the chance of any problems is very easy, though, and there are plenty of options for drip tip material that are resistant to heat. Keeping your drip-tip clean is also advised to present a build-up of gunk.


Key Points


  • Switch to a heat-resistant material such as glass/Pyrex, delrin, acrylic or ceramic to remove the risk of any significant heat from your drip-tip.
  • Take a break from vaping when the tip gets warm, use a bottom-mounted coil or find a long drip tip if you want to avoid burnt lips with a metallic tip.
  • Clean your drip tips regularly to keep them free of things like saliva and food residue, using hot soapy water or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Acrylic doesn’t stand up well to alcohols though, so if you leave acrylic tips to soak ensure you use hot water!


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