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A small amount of trepidation about the safety issues of vaping is a good thing – if you’re slightly concerned, you’ll double-check things and err on the side of caution – but it’s important not to be afraid of anything. The main safety risks when it comes to using electronic cigarettes are the potential for a thermal runaway event or a battery meltdown and the risk of nicotine poisoning after exposure to large amounts of e-liquid. When it comes to batteries, it can’t be stressed enough that all lithium batteries carry the same risks, and you’re exposed to it every day, vaper or not. It’s a very unlikely event if you don’t abuse your battery. Additionally, with electronically controlled devices and safer chemistry batteries, the chance of a serious event is reduced even further.


For liquid exposure, the revised nicotine toxicity estimates are comforting, but the thing that will allay your fears most is that – even if you’re mixing – there is no need to use seriously dangerous nicotine concentrations. For ordinary vapers, it’s effectively impossible to vape your way to nicotine overdose using any standard-strength liquid.


Why the reiteration? The key point is that you aren’t in danger. Your e-cigarette is not a ticking time bomb, and your e-liquid can’t jump out of the bottle and fly down your throat. E-cigs only become dangerous if you act recklessly and don’t recognize the potential for risk where it exists. In fact, if you’re willing to be a little dorky and over-cautious from time to time, and you know the things covered in this guide, there is no need to be worried at all. Vape safely!

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