Carrying Your E-Cig Safely!

3. Carrying Your E-Cig Safely


Carrying your e-cig safely is easy, but if you do it wrong and end up with a short circuit you can run into some serious problems. The risks are vastly reduced with beginner level e-cigs, but it’s still important to understand why you shouldn’t carry loose batteries in your pocket with keys, coins or anything else metallic and learn how to guard yourself against potential issues.


Key Points


  • A short circuit is like a shortcut for electricity, giving it a low-resistance path to travel and therefore greatly increasing the current draw on your battery, potentially to the point of failure. This process generates a lot of heat, possibly melting wires destroying components and killing your battery.
  • Loose batteries should never be carried in the same pocket as your keys, coins or any other metallic object.
  • You can protect yourself against the risk of shorts by using a carry case, turning the e-cig off if possible, keeping the cartomizer or clearomizer attached to the battery (if you don’t have a carry case) and – again – keeping it away from any other metallic objects.


Here’s a quick tip to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you when carrying your e-cig. It’s vital to always make sure you turn your device off before carrying your e-cig in your pocket, purse, or the like. Anything can easily hit and activate your device and cause you danger. If your device doesn’t have a shutoff switch, I don’t recommend carrying it along with you without keeping a constant check on it. What I like to do is check to make sure my device is turned off just in case, even if I know I turned it off. Not to sound too corny, but when it comes to e-cigs, safety should always come first.


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