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What might we see in 2014? Future of vaping industry..

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Even Forbes magazine is on board.

They can already see the pressure is on, with a seemingly limitless wave of proposed ordinances that intend to drive electronic cigarettes off the market. As they await regulation and legislation, they cannot help but wonder: will it be a ban in legislative sheep’s clothing? What will the impact be?

The year 2014 is definitely going to be a challenging for the e-cig industry and for vapers. The regulation of these products is now a reality – not here in the US, but globally as well. The industry has exploded like nothing I have seen before, which has raised some eyebrows from local, state and federal sectors – as well as immense giant pharma and tobacco companies – all of which stand to lose billions in profits, unless e-cigs are stopped.

2014 will be the year they rally the troops to fight for our right as adults to make use of these products. I expect multiple legal challenges worldwide, as they move forward in our indefatigable hard work to show that the greatest value of e-cigs is this: they permit people to get their nicotine fix without the well-documented harm that comes from smoking tobacco.

My hope is that those in charge of public health will cease mis-interpeting (intentionally or otherwise) the knowledge and science that is available so far. I hope they will recognize that e-cigs are the most promising product in human history when it comes to reducing smoking-related harm. Therefore not only ought to it NOT be banned from the market – it ought to be promoted as a consumer product that will effectively increase the quality of life for millions.

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