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Posted by Multiple Author's on 14th Mar 2014

Top 5 Review

Review 1. Kayfun 3.1.

  Well all you crazy vapor's today I'm going to Rip away on my experience and knowledge with The good ole, KayFun 3.1. And I got to say for an RBA I Do love it. It hold's a large amount of juice, an it's re-buildable which hit's my heart cause I'm a builder all the way. However for some of you that may not be this tank is not maintenance free. You will have to learn to build coil's. Even though you can get pre-built coil's as well you will still have to install them. Now this thing was designed in Russia and you can build a single or double coil on it, or go crazy and figure out all kind's of builds, It's up to you. Constructed from Stainless Steel, as long as you get the real one of course I do highly recommend this tank to rebuilder's. It's a "fun" tank no pun intended. Also you can get extension's to hold more juice. All the Flavor of a dripper without dripping.

  Now some draw back's: I have had issue's with leaking you can't just throw this tank on your mod and into your pocket. Because there is a good chance it will leak a bit. However, if you have the vacuum set right your tank should be fine. I would highly suggest you watch youtube for RIP Trippers build on the kayfun the double barrel is Saaaaweeet!!!! Everyone is different, but I've found that cotton taste better in the kayfun especially since it stays soaked in your favorite ejuice which leave's you with no worries of burning that cotton.The cotton also makes it easier in my opinion to change out flavor's without removing your coil's if you know what your doing of course... 

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Author: Silas Boyd

Review 2.

In my opinion the protank 3 is pretty much the exact same as the protank 2 except the fact that it comes with dual coil heads and a new "3" engraved on the body. It is a solid tank and I use it as one of my daily tanks in rotation. The nice thing about the protank 2 and the 3 is that all the parts can be cleaned without worries. All in all, I am quite pleased.

-- Good vapor production
-- Decent Flavor

-- Coil varies, sometimes you have to soak/clean/boil but its easier just to swap with another head if you have one available

Author: Rich Lazebnik

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Review 3.

The iClear 30 is both 510-threaded and eGo-threaded, allowing most Vapers to use them without any modifications or adapters.

The iClear 30 can hold just about 3.0ml of e liquid. It has a dual coil design and uses 16 wicks (4 strands of 4 wicks each) running the length of the interior of clearomizer. The iClear 30 also offers replaceable coil heads that come in packs of 5. A package of coil heads will cost you $12.49


Duel coil's

More wicks more flavor


Fixed Knucle head drip tip, only a con if you wanna change drip tip's 

Author: Silas Boyd

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Review 4.

The Aspire Nautilus Tank. We Don't currently carry this tank being that there almost always outta stock where you find them. However I personally ordered one and I gotta say for a throw and go tank this thing is amazing. Come's with 4 adjustable airflow option's an duel coils 1.6 ohm stock. And you also get a 1.8 ohm coil and plinth. This is a beautiful tank with so many cloud and flavor option's. I will never get tired of this tank it's been in steady rotation since I bought it. Believe me we will be having this Tank available soon.


Holds 5ml of juice

Beautiful design

Duel Coils

Adjustable Airflow


Full Pyrex tank so be carful I put O ring's around mine incase of a drop.

Coil's are a little more pricey  

Dry Burning not suggested

Rebuilding them is also tougher

Author: Silas Boyd

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Review 5.

Kanger Aerotank


Dual coil

adjustable airflow

pyrex glass


adjustable airflow control ring does not click

only holds 2.5 ml

The Kanger aerotank is a clear winner. It's design reminds of certain high end Rba's and delivers with the dual coil's. It packs a good punch while giving us all the adjustable airflow design we've been seeking. Kanger definitely took a little more time with this and they clearly fixed most of the issues consumers were having with the protank 3 dual coil system. It's glue free, all the parts are replacable, and the pyrex glass is a must have for quality. The vapor production is great and we all love the adjustable airflow base as we can now control exactly the amount of airflow that we invidually seek. This is definitely a plus. We currently do not carry this tank but expect it in the very near future. We are all very excited and looking forward to carrying this new product and expect it to be a very popular one.

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