Pass Through's and Vaping

Posted by Silas Boyd on 28th Feb 2014

Electronic cigarettes are dominating the world right now, with their unbelievable awesome technology; it is doing a great job to attract tobacco smokers to just quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are definitely commendable on what they do and how they function. Their satisfaction is primarily very similar to that of a regular cigarette or maybe even better. With the choice of various flavors, that is e-fluids, electronic cigarette users never hit the boredom level since they always have something new to try. Electronic cigarettes have a lot of accessories which you can customize yourself based on what you like and what not completely. Shapes, colors, textures, materials, electronic cigarette users have complete freedom on the customization part as long as it’s a decent modern electronic cigarette. Most important accessories are cartomizers, clearomizers, tankomizers, etc.

Electronic cigarettes gives out a great vaping experience to all the smokers out there, electronic cigarettes are truly becoming a substitute for a normal cigarette. What’s more is that the brands are trying their best to make their products a one-time buy, which means consumers can buy their favorite product once and use it for years together. Still working on it, the electronic cigarettes at the moment aren’t so bad either. They are very long lasting and durable and the vape and flavor is just awesome. Cartomizers being an integral part of an electronic cigarette must always be researched about before buying them or it might lead consumers to utter dissatisfaction. Common issues with electronic cigarettes are with their e-fluid leakage and battery wastage. Problems long gone, but still exists in some rare electronic cigarettes. The top branded electronic cigarettes make sure that it is leakage free and battery wastage free. A little simple intelligent innovation is the on/off switch mechanism in the battery which assures you the saving of battery power.

The world is talking about various cartomizers, clearomizers, tankomizers, atomizers, e-fluids, which is great. But talking about all this is useless when your battery is weak or dead. Batteries are of primary importance in an electronic cigarette. The batteries are to be considered first and then later on the rest of the accessories.

The second most important part of an electronic cigarette is its e-fluid tank, present in cartomizers, tankomizers, clearomizers and just plain e-fluid cartridges. With a battery and no e-fluid would just be meaningless.

The third comes the mechanism of the electronic cigarette, cartomizers, clearomizers or just plain atomizers, these nifty devices are the ones responsible for the production of vapor, so you are obviously looking for a vape and to do so you will need a good vaping device which you can choose from a variety of units like cartomizers, clearomizers or atomizers.

Since the batteries are of primary importance, electronic cigarette batteries are chargeable, meaning they can be recharged using an electrical supply. The prices of electronic cigarette batteries vary and could be considered as slightly expensive. Nevertheless, since the development of new wide range of chargers to the convenience of the electronic cigarette user it has made great progress and has made it clear to make it unnecessary to buy additional safety batteries. Although investing in some alternate safe batteries is pretty logical, because you never know when you might run out of battery power which could be really frustrating when you are in the mood for some good vape. Getting back to the fact that there is no reason why you should buy safe batteries, you don’t have to, because the batteries of electronic cigarettes that are coming out these days hold more capacity to store power, its capacity is turning out to be great, electronic cigarette batteries are long lasting for even a whole day. Yes, the usage of battery will obviously differ according to the electronic cigarette user’s usage, whether its heavy, medium or light. Usage levels apart, batteries nowadays work out for any kind of smoker be it heavy or light. It simply lasts throughout the day and electronic cigarette users are very much satisfied with the fact that they can vape all day without having to worry about a thing. Electronic cigarette battery charges come in various forms, the wallmount charger and the usb passthrough.

The USB passthrough.

The USB passthrough is what a lot of people are using and find it convenient when they work in their offices. The USB passthrough comes with a usb cable and a battery. The battery has a cork that can be unscrewed to find the usb port inside it. Its mechanism is simple enough, connect the usb cable into your computer and connect the other end into your usb battery. It is not all, since only the primary battery is connected; you will have to attach an atomizer and an e-fluid cartridge on the battery. Connecting an atomizer and an e-fluid cartridge to the battery will make it a three pieced electronic cigarette, whereas you can always feel free to connect simply a cartomizer and use it as two pieced electronic cigarette. Connect all these components and your good to go, the vaping experience is incredible. There is good taste, good flavor and great vapor that hits electronic cigarette users throat perfectly. The USB passthrough is a simple way to charge your battery without having to strain yourself or think a lot. The most important advantage of the usb passthrough is its ability to provide vapor during charge, you can vape all you want with a low battery connected to the usb passthrough or whatever ever level of battery you have. When you are done charging the battery with the usb passthrough and you were vaping on it, you can now remove it and still vape it with a charged battery! Now that is simply amazing! If there’s not always a computer around to connect your usb passthrough, worry not because you can get a wall usb adapter which you can simply connect the charger to the wall which has an input usb port in it, connect one side of the usb cable into the wall adapter and the other one into the electronic cigarette’s usb battery and you are good to go. Vape on!

The Joy ego passthrough.

The joy ego passthrough is great; the passthrough comes with the usb cable and a USB battery. Connect all your accessories on the battery and vape on! The charger is good, the cables are of good quality and the battery is also long lasting. The usb passthrough holds current of variable voltages. The Joy ego passthrough can also be connected to a wall adapter incase there’s no computer around. The Joy ego passthrough batteries come in various colors so feel free to choose a color of your taste. Although there are so many charging techniques I would personally recommend electronic cigarette users not to overcharge their battery because it will lead to complications. Keep your batteries to an optimal usage, charge it and equally use It to its capacity, vaping extremely till the death of the battery could result in battery disposal which would deteriorate the battery life from its original expectancy. The method of charging batteries with a USB passthrough is really good, so if you don’t have a usb passthrough, don’t think, get it!