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ecig over regular cigarettes

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We'll it's time to educate you about the health benefits of vapor next to smoke. First off regular tobacco cigarettes have thousands of chemical's before ignition and after over 5,000 chemicals due to combustion. First off the vapor in ecigs consists of two chemicals known to be safe for human consumption VG which is Vegetable Glycerin a sugar naturally derived from plants and the other PG which is Propylene Glycol also proven to be safe for human consumption you can also get the eliquid in 0MG nicotine or up to 36 MG's. However this nicotine is naturally extracted from the tobacco leaf. Nicotine itself is a natural stimulant like coffee as long as it's taken in a safe delivery system and natural or artificial flavoring which is used in all food and also safe for human consumption. You are not putting smoke or tar into your lungs thus taking away your chances of getting cancer. Here is a Chart of the amount of cancer caused by smoking from1900 to 1980 and it's only increased aside from the drop since the induction of the ecig.

Is Vapescorpion here to serve you?

 Vapescorpion.com is ready to serve you for all of your vaping and tobacco needs. We are a full service smoke shop that sells the finest in electronic cigarettes and accessories. We also sell numerous varieties of flavored Eliquids and methods to smoke it with. We want to provide you with a healthier alternative to smoking. Let [...]

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Electronic Cigarette FAQs

What is an electronic cigarette?A device that use's a small battery and a heater, called an atomizer, to vaporize a nicotine solution for inhalation.Are electronic cigarettes for quitting smoking?Electronic cigarettes are intended as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They are not designed to treat nicotine addiction, only to provide nicotine in a safer manner. However, [...]

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(Top 5 Review) Tanks

Top 5 ReviewReview 1. Kayfun 3.1.  Well all you crazy vapor's today I'm going to Rip away on my experience and knowledge with The good ole, KayFun 3.1. And I got to say for an RBA I Do love it. It hold's a large amount of juice, an it's re-buildable which hit's my heart cause I'm [...]

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What might we see in 2014? Future of vaping industry..

Even Forbes magazine is on board.They can already see the pressure is on, with a seemingly limitless wave of proposed ordinances that intend to drive electronic cigarettes off the market. As they await regulation and legislation, they cannot help but wonder: will it be a ban in legislative sheep’s clothing? What will the impact be?The [...]

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Pass Through's and Vaping

Electronic cigarettes are dominating the world right now, with their unbelievable awesome technology; it is doing a great job to attract tobacco smokers to just quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes are definitely commendable on what they do and how they function. Their satisfaction is primarily very similar to that of a regular cigarette or maybe even [...]

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VapeScorpion.com is Going Live with a Bang!

WHAT IS A VAPORIZER?A vaporizer is a device used to gently heat aromatherapy blends in order to create vapor.Although the vaporizer concept has been around for decades, only in the last 15 years or so have commercial vaporizers been manufactured and sold. Today, the benefits of vaporization are becoming more widely known, consequently the number [...]

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