Beginners E-Cigs

Beginners E-cigs 



Beginner-friendly e-cigs are designed with the aim of being exceptionally easy to use, and the safety concerns when it comes to usage really are minimal. However, it’s important to understand that cartomizers do get hot, be able to identify when you’re running out of liquid and learn how to safely store your e-cig.


Key Points


  • An atomizer is effectively an electronic heater, and the area around it may get hot after extended use. If you notice your cartomizer getting warm, put down the e-cig for a little while and come back to it when it’s cooled, or alternatively, switch to a different one and continue vaping.
  • An empty cartomizer can be identified by a drop in vapor production and flavor or the characteristic “burnt” taste as the “wicking” material is heated in the absence of e-liquid.
  • Batteries should be stored away from either extreme highs or extreme lows of temperature. Lithium-ion batteries are best stored at around 59 °F (15 °C), and if they’ll be in storage for a long time, leave them at around half-charge.
  • Covering the mouthpiece with a plastic tip (often included in purchases) helps to minimize e-liquid evaporation.
  • If you’re interested in modifying components, you are not advised to do so on a beginner-level e-cig.


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